Meng Fang Ho /
Graphic Designer
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Crafted Pleasures


Experience / Living / Artistic


In this project, create an entirely new retail store brand image and extensive product line. The group had to think about all aspects of the company, such as the location, architecture and demographics then develop a primary parent brand and several support sub-brands. These would offer different price points and selection of merchandise. My team created Plus and Minus, a home goods store based in San Diego.


Plus and Minus is a brand that provides a communal space which connects people with the values of craftsmanship, interaction, and shared knowledge. Taste, Live, Share are the three keywords of the company. We developed another two sub-brands, which were called Formula and Tangible. Formula is a cafe that provides the experience of “Taste” and Tangible is a pottery studio that lets people learn and “share” their knowledge to others.

Crafted Pleasures —

Home Goods Store

Group Members / Meng Fang Ho / John Nelson / Hye Min Lee / Hai Trieu Le / Maggie Leung