Meng Fang Ho /
Graphic Designer

Custom Commute


Energetic / Trustworthy


Choose an existing airline and develop a new branding system. Consider the target audience and develop the concept based on your marketing research. Think of a design solution to improve the company’s identity and logo. After developing a new system, create a brand guideline and clearly mention all details of your design.


Cape Air is a domestic airline based in Massachusetts. This company’s current branding system needs to be more consistent and organized. Most of the audience of Cape Air are families or small groups that travel. They care about safety and the quality of service. Establishing a dependable brand personality is the primary goal of the new branding system. For the logo, I was inspired by the bird icon from the current logo and simplified the wings’ shape. I also took the similar shape of the wings and developed them as a secondary graphic. 

In order to bring positive and trustworthy characteristics to the new system, I lightened the blue color and added the orange as well. The complementary colors create a stronger impression and make it memorable. Each version of the advertisement will fit each different location.  After developing a new system, the brand guideline helps to clarify details and provides the user an opportunity to have a complete overview.

Custom Commute —

Branding Identity