Meng Fang Ho /
Graphic Designer

Luminous Layers


Renaissance / Stained Glass / Reflection


The project is about creating a typographic card set to introduce a unique typeface and its family. Develop a descriptive word as a concept that best represents the characteristics of the chosen face. Each card should reflect an aspect or a different angle of the typeface.


The Centaur typeface was created in 1914 by Bruce Rogers. It based on the Renaissance-period printing of Nicolas Jenson around 1470. The concept “Stained Glass” was related to one of the characteristics of Renaissance-period art. Each card presented different characteristic of the type, including anatomy, history, different sizes and weights of alphabets. Based on the concept “Stained Glass,” the placement of the type presented the depth of view. The transparent effect and the overlapping also showed a different angle of the stained glass. Monochromatic color was used to keep a consistency to the layout.    


Luminous Layers —

Experimental Type