Meng Fang Ho /
Graphic Designer

Nourishing Methods


Forest / Medical / Ancient China


This project will focus on thinking about typography in terms of message and will formulate solutions to problems that do more than merely decorate a page. This will be a collectors’ edition, nontraditional conceptual cookbook. The typefaces should speak to the concept and subject.


Snow Fungus (Tremella) is a well-known Chinese ingredient with healing properties. In Chinese families, it is commonly used in soups cooked for soothing purposes like nourishing the body, healing dry coughs, and clearing the lungs. I chose to create a self-healing cookbook that is in the style of Chinese traditional herb books. The cookbook introduces the origin of Snow Fungus and encourages people to cook with it. This book provides healthy daily recipes. 

Each of the chapter collages were combined with images of traditional Chinese ink paintings, natural environmental photography, and textures. Chapters are divided into different healing properties. The illustrations on the chapter openers help people to recognize which part of the body is being addressed. I used specaletone beach paper from the French Paper company to makes the digital color softer and more natural. It gives a great effect to the final presentation.

Nourishing Methods—

Self-healing Cookbook