Meng Fang Ho /
Graphic Designer

Tasty Meeting


Sunset / Convenience / Welcoming


This project investigates how research and audience understanding create successful interactive projects that can enhance a user’s experience with a brand. In this class, research and design strategies align a brand with a series of design communication solutions. It is important to develop design multimedia deliverables that engage an audience. 


Before starting the design process, I did marketing research and interviews for the problem statement. People preferred hanging out with different friends. They chose different restaurants based on people’s recommendations. Most people try to find a balance between work and social life. I created an app called Countime that combined reservation social review functions with a calendar.  

The logo of Countime was a combination of the icon of a plate and a calendar. The coral and orange colors were inspired by the color of the sunset, because people usually prefer to reserve restaurants for dinner. The designis friendly for a young generation. I chose to design all the elements, with rounded edges and focused on the hierarchy of the app. The user testing and interviews help the refinement of the app.

Tasty Meeting —

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