Meng Fang Ho /
Graphic Designer

Tipsy Treat


Sophisticated / Bold / Premium


To create alternative wine packaging that is innovative and sophisticated. It is focusing on user experience and highlighting the quality of the product and the brand. Design a 3 liter premium box wine that offers a solution to the consumer, making the wine both enjoyable and convenient and a better quality experience overall versus the competition.


Our team focused on creating an experience for users and ensuring the products are portable and easy to use. We developed a functional structure “Rocker,” which has curved edges on the bottom of the wine box. The users can roll the box easily and enjoy even the last drop of the wine. The shape of the wine boxes also function as a delivery box conforming to the current system of the winery. Also, the wine box is stackable and easy to display on the shelf in the supermarket.

The two sub-brands is called “Truth Earth” and “Juiced.” For Juiced, the brand is unapologetically all about the wine. They are just interested in easy, on-the-go, genuinely good wine that can cater to a movie night in or a game night with friends. The illustrations were inspired by the Trinchero winery tour at the beginning of the project, and it show each step of wine production. The design attracts the user to read details and encourages them to experience the product. 

For Truth Earth, we honor sustainability, tradition, and quality. It is more related to the origin of the wine. We focused on presenting the existing brand values of Trinchero Family Estates. These two brands both focus on Pinot Grigio varietals for female millennials. Our team had a great experience working with an actual client.

Tipsy Treat —

Trinchero Family Estates

Group Members / Mengfang Ho / John Nelson / Briana Van Koll / Kurt Poo / Kevin Xu