Meng Fang Ho /
Graphic Designer

Urban Traveler


Trustworthy / Sustainable / Stylish / Urban


Choose an existing company that which needs a complete redesign of its brand visual system. Evaluate what needs improvements and what the company stands for. Think of a solution to create a relationship between the customer and the brand experience.


In this project I chose to rebrand Lime Bike, a bike sharing company which is based in San Francisco. Recently, several bicycle sharing companies have began up in the Bay Area. However, most of their users don’t follow their instructions correctly and park the bikes in inappropriate places. It has made the streets messy and has harmed the city’s environment. This has left people with a bad impression of Lime. I chose to rename the company as Easyrider and created a brand new system based on the old Lime Bike. The main goal of Easyrider is to reduce the dependence of automobiles for short distance transportation and make cities more livable by reducing cars, traffic, and carbon emissions. The new slogan is “From point A to point B. It’s that easy.” This concept was applied throughout the brand. People would not only use the product and service, but also build a relationship with the company. Based on this idea, I used dots and map line patterns within the visuals. For this project, the new brand is beginning with a website. Animations are used on the brand website and video. The elements bring a new experience to the customer. I believed the new trend of the industry will be mainly aimed at a digital presence.

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